Latex Cleanroom Gloves Class 1,000/ISO 6

Latex class 1000  cleanroom gloves

Our ambidextrous, class 1,000 are compatible with class 1000 environment and has low pinhole level (AQL 1.5). They are also known as clean-processed gloves. These powder free gloves are ambidextrous and textured. The gloves have consistent good grip and are beaded cuff. Tensile strength is >21 MPa and Elongation at Break (%) >700. It has 5.0 mil at cuff and 8.0 mil at fingers.. Meets ASTM D3578-95 standards.

Packaging: 100 gloves per poly-bag and 10 bags per carton

12″ Gloves. Product code: ADM-L-8100
9.5″ Gloves. Product code: ADM-L-8200

Latex Gloves class 1000